Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of collecting personal information
Ichiraku-Inn requests for customer information such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number in order to provide services based on the needs of an individual customer.
We do not modify such personal information without prior approval from the customer.


2. Purpose of utilising personal information
Personal information of each customer will only be used for the below purposes.
・To make a reservation for the rooms at Ichiraku-Inn
・We will make reference to the customer information in case there are inquiries from customers.
・We will contact customers in case of emergencies.
· In case of customer’s consent to using their personal information.


3. Rules of provision of personal information
Ichiraku-Inn will not provide customer personal information to the third party without prior approval from the customer, unless required under the law for any special circumstances.


4. Provision/ disclosure of personal information
Ichiraku-Inn will neither provide nor disclose customer personal information to any third party except for below cases.
・Customer’s prior approval
・Required under the law


5.Protection of personal information
Ichiraku-Inn will ensure to handle with great care all the customer personal information for the use of this website. The staff in charge of managing the customer database will take appropriate and reasonable safety measures against all kinds of risks such as hacking, wiretapping, data tampering etc.


6. Customer access logs
Ichiraku-Inn’s website records the information of those who accessed our website through access logs. Access logs record information such as domain name, IP address, the type of internet browser, access time and date of users, but does not record any information to identify any particular individual. Access logs are used for statistical analysis of users and website maintenance only and not for any other purpose.


7. Personal information to be collected by other URLs
Ichiraku-Inn’s website is linked to other websites in order to provide useful information or services to our customers. However, the customer has the right to choose whether to visit other websites therefore we are not liable for the collection or handling of personal information at websites other than Ichiraku’s. Please visit other websites at your own risk.


8. Referral/ modification/ elimination of personal information
Please contact below number for the referral, modification or elimination of customer personal data retained by our website. For this process, the customer is required to disclose specific personal information. Our staff with an authority to access the database will take an appropriate measure when we receive an instruction to modify or eliminate customer personal information.


9. Changes in privacy policy
We will notify in our website if we have any significant changes in our privacy policy. Any other information is subject to change without prior notice. Please visit our website for the latest information. We are not liable for any problems arising from not visiting our website for the latest information.


一楽旅館(Ichiraku-Inn) TEL +81-82-244-2028









Address: 2-19 Nishihiratsuka-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 730-0024;


FAX:+81 082-244-2028

Important notice: Please call us for any inquiries or reservations.  Web-based request form is suspended as of now. 

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