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Manrai (Chinese restaurant) Kanayama-cho area

○This is a Chinese restaurant which offers inexpensive, tasty and large volume dishes. Set menus are also recommended.



Hokkahokka-tei (Bento box) Kanayama-cho area TEL +81-82-243-1628

○ This is the nearest Hokkahokka-tei from our Inn.

Seven-Eleven Kanayama-cho (Convenience store) Kanayama-cho area

○This is the nearest convenience store from our Inn.

Goda King (BBQ/ grilled meat) Nishihiratsuka-cho area

○This restaurant offers tasty grilled meat at a reasonable price. Hamburgers made from intestines are a must try dish!

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Hassho (Okonomiyaki) Yagenbori-cho area

○ This restaurant offers okonomiyaki which is a Japanese style pancake. Hassho is open from 16:00. The restaurant is very popular among both locals and tourists and there is always a long line of customers.

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Bakudanya Nagarekawa (Noodles without soup) Nagarekawa area

○ Although it is a slight walk from our Inn, you can enjoy Hiroshima style noodles ‘Tsukemen’ at this restaurant. Fried chicken is also a recommended side dish.


Origuchi (Japanese style pub) Kanayama-cho area

○ You can enjoy variety of fresh Hiroshima speciality dishes and liquor such as raw/ grilled oysters and sea eels, raw/ fried stonefish and deep fried wild vegetables.


Kakitei Oyster Conclave (Oyster speciality restaurant) Hashimoto-cho area

○ An open-air café by the Kyobashi riverside.

Kakitei uses branded Oysters to serve various types of dishes in French or Italian depending on the flavour of oysters. You can enjoy the oysters by the riverside in Hiroshima style.



Cafe Regalo (Café) Hashimoto-cho area

○ A café by the Kyobashi riverside. You will love its relaxed atmosphere.



Danrantei (Chinese) Yagenbori area

○This is an authentic Chinese restaurant. Recommended dishes are Zhajiangmian (noodles topped with ground pork) and shrimp stir fried with mayonnaise.











Address: 2-19 Nishihiratsuka-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 730-0024;


FAX:+81 082-244-2028

Important notice: Please call us for any inquiries or reservations.  Web-based request form is suspended as of now. 

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